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Bachelor Program

Introduction to Library and Information Science

Reading Sociology, Pedagogy, Psychology,

Writing, Book and Press History 1-2.

Bibliographic Description 1-3.

Classificaton Systems and Information Retrieval Languages, Content Description 1-3.

Science of Library 1-2.

The Basics of Library Management

Reference Service and Information Sources 1-2.

Database Building and Library Automation 1-3.

Information Systems

Network Basics 1-2.

Library Practicum 1-3.


Introduction to European Studies

System of the European Union Official Documents

Electronic Information Sources in the EU 1-2.

Business Information 1-2.

European Union Information Centres in Hungary

Intercultural communication

Methodology of Research

Information and Knowledge Management

Project Management


Information and Knowledge Management

Economical, Entrepreneurial Law Basics

Information and Knowledge Management

Marketing és pr 1. / Marketing and PR 1-2.

Business communication

Business information 1-2.

Information of the Economical Literature

Methodology of Research

Project Management


Master Program

Library and Information Science in the 21st Century

Trends and Tendencies in the National and International Librarianship

Library and Information Management and Marketing 1-2.

Modern Methods of Formal Cataloguing

Modern Trends in Classification Systems and Information Retrieval Languages

Professional Techniques of Library Reference Work

Organization of Library Databases and Online Information Services


Traditional Documents and Rare Books

Electronic Documents and Formats

Content Provision Tool Systems 1-3.

English Terminology of Library and Information Science 1-2.

Business Information and Information Management

Market Economy and Librarianship in the Information Society

Business and Law Studies 1-2.

Theory and Practice of Business Information 1-2.

Modern Methods of Information Management and Marketing 1-2.

Professional Information Research and Communication

Information Management and Consulting in Organizations

Fee-based Information Services in Libraries

Resource Raising and Application Writing Workshop

Information Security Essentials

Office Management Skills

Project Work 1-2.

Practicum 1-2.

Search and Developement

Market Economy and Librarianship in the Information Society

Science Policy

Library Innovations in the Management of Scientific and Cultural Information

Information Providing Institutions and Tools in Hungary and Abroad 1-2.

Scientific and Technical Information Services 1-2.

Services in Social Science and Humanities 1-2.

Fine and Visual Arts Information Services 1-2.

Medical and Health Science Information Services 1-2.

Economic and Law Information Services 1-2.

Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Information Services 1-2.

Practicum 1-2.

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